Demonstration: Say no to a life without rights! Say no to detention of children!

Join us on Wednesday 22nd of October at 11.00 in front of the Parliament –
we stand up for fundamental rights of foreign citizens.

The Finnish Parliament will make a decision concerning two law proposals
that would significantly increase the number of undocumented migrants in
Finland and normalize the detention of migrant children. If the proposals
are accepted by the Parliament, human rights of foreigners in Finland would
be greatly reduced.

According to the new bill, failed asylum-seekers, which Finland is not able
to return, will lose the possibility to gain a temporary residence permit,
if they are not willing to return to their home countries. They will also
have to leave reception centres and lose their rights to basic services,
and the possibility to legalize their status. Apparently, Minister Päivi
Räsänen’s message for people escaping conflicts zones like Iraq, Afganistan
or Somalia is: do not come to Finland, or you will have to live on the

The legislative revision concerning detention of foreigners would normalize
the detention of migrant children and give wider powers to officials
governing the detention.

Come and show your support for the rights of migrants and foreigners! The
demonstration is organized by the Free Movement Network and the Finnish
Refugee Council.

Enough is enough, government!

For more information:

Markus Himanen

Tel. 0400 409 596


Kaisa Väkiparta

Tel. 040 560 0772