African blood donors are needed in Finland


This morning in the Blood Service Sanomatalo we focused on the importance of African blood donation.

Different ethnic groups can carry rare blood types which are not found among other populations. At the moment more donors of African origin are needed in Finland. In these cases, matching blood can only be found from a donor who shares the same ethnic background as the patient.  Also if the patient needs blood products repeatedly, a suitable donor may be found easier from the same population.

With the number of people and patients of African origin increasing in Finland, there aren’t proportionally enough blood donors of African origin.

What if not dare?

It is advisable to visit the Blood Service Centre, even if you do not immediately dare to donate blood. The first time you can test for example malarial antibodies. Islam does not deny blood donation, so it doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Blood service staff can also be asked for a more private donation situation, whereby the time of blood donation can be isolated, so that the bare arm is not present and the donor is comfortable.

Blood service staff will be happy to tell you more about blood donation, or you can call free donor info at 0800 0 5801. Open on weekdays at 8-17.

Blood donation in Finland has always been based on volunteering, and one donation can help up to three patients. Plasma, platelets, and red blood cells can be separated from the blood that can be given to different patients for different purposes. Blood gets, for example, pregnant women and to those who suffer from various blood disorders.

How do I participate?

At the end of the breakfast ceremony, our spokesmen took the bull from the horns and went to donate blood. Anyone who feels like helping can participate in a blood donation campaign. Remember to mention to your donation site that you belong to the Blood Group for SSL!

Extend your hand and join the lifeguards!

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