Planning for 2019 is ongoing

We are planning next year’s strategy in the league. The new board and employees are motivated to develop their operations more open and more accessible.

The aim of the league is to make somalis easier to integrate into Finland and to promote it, we organize a lot of different hobbies and counseling.

Women and men are provided with leisure activities by member organizations. Reading club and women’s sewing clubs start at the league’s premises. Various courses will be organized next year such as language- and hygiene passport courses.

The league’s advisory service will continue to operate, but its functions will be clarified. Membership services will be developed radically next year and the guidance of member organizations will be enhanced.

“We have a clear goal: to develop co-operation, communication and know-how between the league and the member organizations in order to serve the community together and in the best way,” says Jama Ismail, coordinator for organizations’s activities.

New winds for youth activities

The SORA project will end at the end of the year. However, there is a continuation of this in the another project, as there is a demand and need for young people’s leisure-, education- and employment activities to prevent the exclusion of young people.

During the rest of the year, there will be many interesting opportunities for young people to reflect on their future plans. An IT course can kick you off for using office programs or enthusiasm for coding. The visit to the gaming company got a unique vantage point for a much-employed industry. In the youth’s own space, you can have fun with karaoke, board games and leisure activities for young people.

“It would be great for young people to continue their good cooperation. In the next project, we will focus on the important phase of young people life, offering them many different opportunities for the future,” said Jenni Juvonen, project coordinator for the SORA project.

The league is nationwide

We regularly monitor legislative projects, changes in government practices, and new initiatives in government activities, and participate in various advisory boards to ensure the realization of Finnish somali interests.

In order to ensure the quality of our services, next year we will intensify our monitoring and feedback practices. According to Mohamed Ali Jama, chairman of the league, campaigning brings a great responsibility to the league, and it is therefore important to review monitoring practices from time to time. This year, we got involved in the ARTSI activities of the Rehabilitation Foundation, where we get mentoring and an external perspective on our follow-up and feedback practices. Development will continue next year and there are also major changes in the monitoring of member services.

Student’s at Mogadishu 2017.

International cooperation continues

Next year, we will seek to strengthen cooperation with European Somali communities. Our goal is to identify common problems and find solutions. Common themes include, for example, exclusion, racism and the Somali diaspora identity.

The association also cooperates with other Nordic umbrella organizations. Together we are developing the activities of the Nordic Somali Federation and we are building bridges between the Nordic countries and Somalia. Cooperation in Mogadishu in 2017 will continue.

Awareness of Somali culture

One of the main themes of 2019 is to raise awareness of Somali culture. There are plans to arrange, for example, a permanent exhibition of Somali cultural objects on the facility of the league and organizing events related to Somali culture.

“The narrowing of the gap between the finnish population and the Finnish somalis is very important for promoting integration. It is rewarding to raise awareness, since Somali culture has many traditions,” says communication officer Kati Ruohonen.

There is another great year to come, even if we still have to look at this years events for the rest of the year and fundraising. There is leisure activities for young people, a CV workshop and an annual meeting of chairmen of member organizations in the Organization Seminar.