Summer job open: summer activities instructor

We are looking for four 15-17-year-old young summer activity instructors! Two instructors work in June and two in July for two weeks.

Important activities for the Finnish Somali League include advocacy, advisory services, promoting integration, supporting employment and education, and reducing prejudice. In the summer, however, we also focus on leisure activities for young people.

The duties of a summer worker include: guiding visitors, planning activities with other employees, guiding hobby activities, and other tasks that may be agreed with the employee.

Applicants are considered to be proficient in Somali language, teamwork and hobby in a summer activity in a useful kind / function, such as team sports, craft skills, or expression media such as arts or media / theater / music. However, we encourage applicants from different backgrounds to seek out places, because the most important thing for us is a good attitude and a positive grip on the job.

Further information and applications:

Abdule Mahamed, tel. +358 50 569 6078 or