The Easter tournament brought guests from England to Helsinki

The Finnish Somali League organized an Easter tournament in cooperation with its member organization Socus Association from 19 to 21 April 2019. The Easter tournament started with a seminar focusing on the turning points in the development of young people’s identity, and continued with a football tournament with visitors from Northern Europe and England.

Abdulkadir Moalin-Elmi, chairman of Socus Association, spoke at the opening session of the seminar. The aim of the seminar was to promote interaction between young people and parents and to give the young person the opportunity to express their own way of thinking and develop their own self-image. Speeches focused heavily on the cornerstones of building the identity of young people between the two cultures and how it affects young people’s success in studying and working. One of the most important insights is the understanding that young people have grown up in a very different environment than their parents, and therefore the way of thinking can be very different from each other. Up to 90 participants attended the seminar.

Abdule Mahamed, a project worker at the Youth Network of the Finnish Somali League, spoke in his speech about the opportunities for networking and influencing in Finnish society and challenged parents to consider their own influence on the development of their children’s self-image. The NUVE project raises young people as actors with their own unique thoughts and aspirations, and we are supporting young people’s efforts to find their own place in the world: their own interests, their own hobbies, paths, studies, and career paths.

“These can be the same as their parents or other relatives and friends. However, it may be that young people find their place in a field that is still new in their family. We want to challenge the parents to be curious about the kind of gifts and tendencies and interests that young people have, and to support them in their quest for further and further advancement. ” said Mahamed at the seminar.

The seminar was also attended by Dr Hassan Jamac, chairman of the English youth association SYO. He told his speech about the challenges of crime in young people’s lives. Jamac also considered creating solutions in collaboration with authorities and parents. Marko Kailasmaa, an expert on youth intoxicant problems and executive director of Raittiuden Ystävät association, gave a speech on how to promote prevention and youth awareness of the problems of substance abuse in society. The Snell Foundation’s employee, Maria, told the Foundation’s support for young people’s lives. Yusuf Abdo told about the lives of young people in the Swedish suburbs.

After a sumptuous lunch, the seminar continued with the speech of Omar Arte, chairman of the Norwegian Young Association, about the life of young people in Norway. Mustafa Mohamed, an IT expert and a Finnish Somali League worker, told about the impact of the environment on the development of a young person’s identity.

The football tournament was played at the Myllypuro Arena Center. There were 11 teams participating in the tournament, with a total of up to 300 participants.

The Finnish Somali League thanks all the volunteers who participated in the Easter tournament organization and the Socus Association for good and successful cooperation. Next, the gaze is already turning to RamadanCup, which will be played in Helsinki from 4.5.-1.6.2019.