Welcome to the SAVIOR-initiative introduction seminar!

The introduction seminar for the SAVIOR-initiative will be held at the Helsinki Islamic Centre at 16:30-19:30, after Asr prayers. The seminar will introduce the work being done in the initiative during the spring of 2022 and the peer support groups and counselling services available. The seminar will also provide an opportunity to discuss the themes of the project, such as the everyday challenges relating to divorce and protecting the position of children in the event of divorce.

In addition, the event will include an expert seminar by Sheikh Abdirazak Sugulle Mohamed. Sheikh Sugulle will discuss the rights and responsibilities of parents after divorce from the perspective of the Islamic faith.

There will be small food and drink available. Welcome to the event!

Project coordinator
Erasmus Häggblom
+358 50 566 3318

Project worker
Abdule Mahamed
+358 50 569 6078