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The staff at Finnish Somali League:

SAVIOR project worker
Abdule Mahamed
tel. 050 569 6078

SAVIOR project coordinator
Nina Koivuniemi
tel. 050 566 3318

The board members
of Finnish Somali League:

Mohamed Abdirahman Absiye
tel. 044 344 9175

Vice chairman
Abdulrahman Abdi Rage
tel. 044 979 4865

Sadiyo Ali Mohamed
tel. 040 015 2819

Khalid Sheiknur Abdulle
tel. 044 344 9176

Secretary, social affairs
Omar Abdi Olow
tel. 045 226 7225

Vice secretary, social affairs
Sugulle Said Salah
tel. 044 010 0751

Secretary, youth affairs
Bashe Ali Mohamed
tel. 040 073 5029

Finnish Somali League

Haukilahdenkatu 2D (3rd floor)
00550 Helsinki

Map / Instructions


The Finnish Somali League is located on the third floor. From the main door you can only come up from the stairs, but the office can also be accessed through the courtyard via an elevator. If you need a lift, be in touch with the staff.