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The Finnish Somali League currently has 46 member organizations and 160 private members. By joining as a member, you’ll enjoy the membership benefits, while also supporting the activities of the Finnish Somali League. Membership is valid for one year from the date of payment.


The league election 2018, which elected members of the council and board for the period 2018-2021.

Membership benefits:

  • Members can stand for election and vote in the election.
  • Members are automatically mailed the league’s newsletter 5-6 times a year and, if necessary, a member post.
  • Members are entitled to a unique advisory service provided by the league.
  • As a member, you enjoy privileged events and courses.
  • As a member, you have the right to reserve the conference room and hall from the Finnish Somali league for free. Reservations can be made by email to the organization coordinator.
  • Members can influence social affairs through the league’s Blog.

In addition to member organizations:

  • Membership organizations get involved in an active Facebook group to get the first news of the league.
  • In addition, the group members may ask questions about issues of concern.
  • The league supports its member organizations in developing their operations.
  • For member organizations, the league has a small-scale sponsorship activity.
  • Co-operation projects or other co-operation are organized with member organizations (eg a meeting of chairmen once a year).

Notification of changes

It is important that changes in address and name are remembered to inform the league as soon as the change takes effect. You can report this change by email:

Membership issues

All contacts related to membership matters by email:

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