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Finnish Somali League is running a variety of projects that helps finnish somalis integrate better in the finnish society and helps them to find employment and to educate.

Ongoing projects:

SAVIOR-project 2022-2024

The STEA-funded SAVIOR-project began in March 2022 and will run for three years. The primary aim of the project is supporting the everyday life of Finnish Somali families after divorce. Families going thourgh divorce will be supported in a number of ways, such as disseminating information, providing counselling and organising peer support groups and expert lectures. The project is national, but particularly aims to reach participants in the Helsinki Metropolitan area.

Further information on the project is available on the League home pages and social media.

SAVIOR-project coordinator
Nina Koivuniemi
050 566 3318

SAVIOR-project worker
Shugri Mohamed
050 569 6078

Turvalliset valinnat yhteisön tuella (Safe choices with the help of the community) -project 2024-2026

The project aims to prevent Somali youth from using drugs and joining gangs. The goal is to protect young people from the harms of substance abuse and to increase the awareness of parents and mosque teachers about substance abuse and ways to deal with the subject with young people. Young people are also offered examples and role models that enable positive identification.

Further information on the project is available on the League home pages and social media.

Project coordinator
Päivi Kärnä
tel. +358 50 370 3794

Project worker
Sugulle Salah 
tel. +358 50 473 4358

SAMANU project 2024-2026

The similar opportunities for young people -project aims to prevent Finnish Somali youth between the ages of 13 and 29 from joining gangs and to promote their social inclusion. The activity covers mentoring, expert visits, implementation and low-threshold events. The goal is to provide young people with information, support and positive role models, strengthen their sense of belonging and promote integration into society.

Further information on the project is available on the League home pages and social media.

Project coordinator
Salahudin Elmi
tel. +358 50 306 4287

Project worker
Mohamed Hussein
tel. +358 50 439 7526

Past projects:

Youth Network – project 2019-2021

The Youth Network is a group organized and maintained by young people with four subgroups:

  • Media and social media group
  • School and study group
  • Working and social influencing group
  • Leisure group

The purpose of the NUVE -project is to increase the opportunities for young people to participate and be active in decisions about their lives in the fields of study and education, employment and leisure. Low-threshold services are especially helpful for those who have just moved to the country for study and employment.

The project is funded by STEA.

Anti Marginalization -project 2014-2015

Anti-Marginalization project is carried out in the Helsinki capitol region and two other Finnish cities of Oulu, and Vaasa from May to December of  2014. The experiment consists of four different types of activities: low threshold get-together events, education and employment counselling events for youth and women, talent contest  and media workshops for Somali youth.

The project spreads the Neighbourhood café model of low threshold get-together events to new cities with a purpose of promoting more everyday interaction between the local Finns and Somali newcomers, with a hope that it grows into regular activity. Special attention is paid to immigrant women, who often lack social networks outside their homes.

Somali food course.

The Finnish Somali League will encourage and facilitate its local member organizations to network with local partners in the public, private and third sectors.  In addition to everyday interaction between people the project focuses on immigrant youth and women by offering counselling on secondary education and employment in co-operation with expert partners from the labour administration and educational institutions. The youth are also encouraged to take part in talent contests and join workshops, where the use of blogging and social media is introduced and taught by experts. The purpose is to enable the Somali youth to take action, advocate their own causes in new methods and become more visible as active members of society. The objective is also to get private sector more involved and find sponsors for activities of the immigrant youth in the future.

The project was supported by the Open Society Foundation.

SOKE -project 2012-2014

Soke project aimed at the capacity of Somali NGOs in Finland strengthening, in particular supporting the integration and exclusion in preventive work. Soke encouraged and helped Somali networking with local authorities and the majority population associations.

The project developed and strengthened The Finnish Association of Somali capacity to act as an umbrella organization in its field. At the same time activities of the Association of Finnish non-governmental organization rooted operation practices and conditions.

In 2013-2014 the project focused on strengthening regional networks, especially in Finland Somali across the country. Soke organized trainings, counseling and a variety of co-operation meetings with the needs of the organizations. Network of active Finnish Somali organizations are involved in more than 30 associations.

The project was supported by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).


Ready to work! -project 2017

Finnish Somali Association carried out during the 2017 Ready to work! The Ministry of Employment and the project with the assistance of the Ministry of Economic Development.

The project was designed to support the employment and integration by training representatives from various organizations to provide työllistymistyöpajoja residents of the Organization for the operating range of working age immigrants. The project provided support in their own language, in particular to support the needy and newly arrived immigrant from Somalia to Finland, but also improved the Somali other employment opportunities.

Paikka Auki -project from 2014 to 2017

STEA-funded project Paikka Auki to promote particular, the prospects are difficult to employ and inactive young people to enter the workforce and to strengthen the capacity of young people for working life. Place open -avustusohjelman target groups are children under 30 years of age, difficult to find employment or without work experience in young people.  

Finnish Somali union has been a year long contract office assistants general interest positions Association. Location Closed project through association is arranged mm. counseling services and youth activities.

The project was supported by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).

SORA -project 2016-2018

The project aims to improve the position of young people, through education, employment, and by offering meaningful leisure activities for young people. Through the project, we want to offer young people opportunities to find their own place and path in a multicultural society.

In 2016, within the framework of the project were organized seminars and workshops for young people. At the end of 2017 began regular leisure-time activities for young people as well as carried out in the Erasmus + Exchange in Hungary.

The project was supported by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).