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The Finnish Somali League launched the STEA-funded workable everyday life in Somali families after divorce (SAVIOR)-initiative in March 2022. The primary goal of the initiative is to support Finnish Somali families after divorce. The secondary goals of the initiative include securing the position of the child during and after divorce and supporting the improvement of the knowledge and skills of parents relating to childcare and childrearing as well as their own rights and responsibilities in case of divorce.

Divorced families are provided a broad range of support by the initiative, including disseminating information, organising peer support groups and providing expert seminars. The initiative is national, but looks to work with Somali families in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in particular.

These pages will include information and resources relevant to the initiative. In the fall of 2022, the work done in the initiative has three cornerstones:

Peer support groups
The peer support groups organised by the initiative provide peer support, shared activities and conversation company for divorcees:

Father-child group Tuesdays 12-15 starting 13.9.2022
Mothers’ group Wednesdays 12-15 starting 14.9.2022
The groups will initially meet in the facilities of the Finnish Somali League, at the address Haukilahdenkatu 2D, 00550 Helsinki. The activities in the groups will be planned and updates based on the wishes of the participants.

Expert seminars
The expert seminars, organised every other month, will provide parents with information on divorce and post-divorce life from experts in the field. The primary aim of the seminars is supporting the improvement of the skill and knowledge base of parents in managing their everyday life after divorce.

Currently organised seminars:
10.10.2022, Legal Lounge: Divorce from the perspective of the Finnish legal system

National Finnish, English and Somali counseling telephone
The counseling telephone provides support and advice for members of the Finnish Somali community who feel they may need it. Advice is provided in Finnish English and Somali. The counseling telephone is open on Mondays and Thursdays 10-15 o’clock. Those in need of support, advice and additional information can also contact the project workers through the chat provided in the League’s home page.
Finnish and English counseling telephone: 050 566 3318
Somali counseling telephone: 050 569 6078

The other work done in the initiative will be announced on these pages as the initiative advances. Please feel welcome to get involved in the activities of the SAVIOR-initiative!

Project workers and contact information:

SAVIOR project coordinator:
Nina Koivuniemi
050 566 3318

SAVIOR project worker:
Abdule Mahamed
050 569 6078